Global Harvest Trading

Douro Valley, an historical landscape, a world heritage site and a live wine museum, where the ancient wine tradition that goes back to the primitive people lives together with one of the greatest mankinds’ designed terroir, with steep slopes and deep valleys, surrounded by the magnificent banks of the Douro River.

We believe in the best for the best, so we seek and create the richest and most differentiated wineries to constitute our portfolio, always based on providing our customers with the best products rich in History, Tradition and Culture.

Concerned with providing the best Douro wines, we are totally committed to the quality, respect for the environment and sustainability of a region classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

This is us, this is the GHT. Exquisite products, embedded in heritage and tradition, a distant tale of a people, a region and their history told by our wines on every tasting.


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